Creating Events That Inspire

Guiding your vision into the experience you dreamed of for your guests. Overseeing the project from ideation to thank you notes. Consulting support for specific project elements. You don't have to do it all on your own!

Marlene Robinson

Large-Scale Event Design & Production | Business Consulting

Integrate your BEing with your DOing and unlock your GOals!

— Marlene Robinson, Founder of SheIsMarlene & MiiG Enterprises Presents

Unifying your purpose and mission with an experience that inspires an audience to action!

I specialize in producing large-scale events that inspire communities and guests to action! Events that are designed to create lasting impact and an awareness for change in our world are events that light up my soul! 

I work with non-profits, corporations, government agencies, chambers of commerce and other organizations to create unforgettable events such as galas, fundraisers, golf tournaments, conventions, conferences, and training seminars. I take pride in providing a stage for speakers and world-changers to share their message, and ensure a lasting impact on our guests.

Improve Workplace Dynamics With Personality Insights

Assessments can be used to ensure we get the right people in the right seats so that they can be expansive in their capacity to drive stability and a healthy work culture. They can also be used to effectively redesign or develop existing teams for growth and scaling.  Using these tools, scientific and otherwise, can help to accelerate personal and professional development. Readily pinpointing the greatest areas of strengths and revealing where there can be potential blind spots or preferences for certain types of work. 

By aligning individuals with roles you create a more harmonious and productive work environment. These assessments are the cornerstone to a successful hiring processes and training program for individuals and teams ensuring efficient turnover rates and faster onboarding potential, while lessening the burden on the employees and teams that are incorporating a new member.

Leadership Development & Team Training:

Purchase the book, get the assessment link and bring the team together for a fun and eye-opening experience of exploring the role of emotional intelligence in our relationships, business and otherwise.

Using the John Maxwell Book the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth and Leadership Gold we learn the process of developing Influence.  Conducted as a multi-week workshop with course curriculum or keynote presentation style for team development.


  • Talent Insights (DISC and EQ)
  • TriMetrix DNA w/Leadership Competencies (DISC, Driving Forces, DNA25)
  • TriMetrix EQ (DISC, Motivators or DF, Emotional Quotient/Intelligence)
  • Talent Insights (Integrated DISC and Motivators or DF)
  • Behaviors (DISC)
  • Motivators or Driving Forces
  • Target Selling insights (TSI, SSi, SSI2))
  • Emotional Intelligence and Stress (EQ and Stresss)
  • DNA 25 – Leadership Comptenceis

Based on the John Maxwell book, enjoy this 5 week course that will challeng you to Put Your Dream to the Test! Helping you uncover, perhaps for the first time,specific steps you can take to stop merely thinking about your dream and start living it.

Based on the John Maxwell book and using the accompanying workbook, we experience this *5 week or 10 week program that will transform the way you think about leadership and develop your confidence and influence.

*5 week program consolidates 2 lessons per week in a 1.5 hour workshop for the entire team once a week.  In person or virtual available.

Workshops for you and your team using:

  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0
  • Strengthsfinders – Discover Your CliftonStrengths

Blending experience with talent and training, I help elevate the cooperative team dynamic in the office and at the events.

Transformative Team Training & Development:
I help your team excel by revealing styles and preferences that enhance collaboration and connection which aid in unlocking their potential through the use of scientific assessments and leadership development tools. 

Intuitive and Comprehensive Event Management:
With 7 years of large-scale event management experience, one year leading a multi tour national traveling dance competition, and a lifetime of event creation I have a natural affinity for the gathering of humans.

Strategic Consulting for Operations and Scalability:
As a Fractional COO and executive level special project manager, I aid in streamlining your operations, improving efficiencies while boosting profitability and scalability.

Personalized Approach and Tailored Solutions:
I tailor my strategies to your business needs, providing personalized support for leadership training, consulting, and event management. Parties and weddings are generally excluded from my services except in special circumstances.

Sharing my passion for natural health & wellness...

I'm in love with doTerra and all things plant based solutions!

If you want to learn more about my favorite path to whole body health and plant based wellness solutions, follow my link to explore products or visit the doTerra Science channel on YouTube to learn more.