Hi, I'm Marlene!

Passionate About Gathering People to Create Impact and Change!

Running large-scale events requires a degree of organizational detail that most are not capable of, nor interested in mastering. The capacity to design a comprehensive event outline defining every detail from ideation to thank you notes is a skill that I’ve honed over “what feels like” a lifetime of event planning.  Truth be told, I started organizing neighborhood talent shows when I was 5!  Starting at age 12, I was in a girls youth organization that required us to learn how to plan and execute community fundraisers, bake sales, newspaper drives, e-waste disposal pickups, serving meals to the senior community, and orchestrating crab feeds, while also preparing fun events and outings for our chapter members.  I’ve been part of planning or leading many Spring Tea fundraisers over my lifetime, thanks to my mom who started getting me involved in community fundraising teas for the Garden Club and Historical Society in San Ramon, CA my hometown, she loves to plan events too!  It’s a talent that comes naturally to me and fills me with exhilaration and anticipation for every event that I get to be part of!  I am inspired to action by purpose-driven large-scale events so much so that when I’m not being paid to produce them, I have been known to just volunteer to work them.  It’s truly my passion!

With my background in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, executive leadership, entrepreneurship, event production and consulting, I’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge to share in my workshops and training. As a certified John Maxwell trainer, I offer leadership development, professional development, and speaker coaching. My courses, ranging from five to eleven weeks, are delivered in person or via Zoom to accommodate your team’s schedule.

I’m also certified in evaluating personality profile assessments using DISC, Driving Forces, and Emotional Intelligence. This approach helps identify the right person for the right role in your business while fostering a judgment-free environment where curiosity and improved communication thrive.

Throughout my career, I’ve mentored leaders, founders and CEO’s navigating change and interpersonal challenges. Whether you seek one-on-one consultations or team workshops, I can help you uncover strengths and give line of sight to operational opportunities.

What makes me great at what I do?

Leveraging my years of corporate leadership and leadership certifications, along with an aptitude for behavioral profiling with the aid of assessment work I can quickly and effectively identify strong skills and talents in others.  Learning to leverage the strengths of individuals on long-term teams and short to mid-range project committees can help people go fast, especially when time is of the essence. When working with teams and groups in workshops, I can easily identify opportunities for efficiencies once I understand the dynamics of the team and the work they must do to achieve success.  Guiding leaders through assessing and expanding a team already in place is work that requires experience and operational insight.