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I specialize in full scope project management and event execution for large-scale events that inspire your audience to action. From formal Gala to Training Seminars and everything in between, I take the work of planning and managing your event off your plate.  You cast your vision, collaborate along the journey and watch your dream turn into reality. With 7 years of large-scale event management experience, I bring an intuitive approach to event planning, anticipating potential challenges and ensuring smooth, successful events.

I work with non-profits, corporations, government agencies, chambers of commerce and other organizations  to create unforgettable events such as galas, fundraisers, golf tournaments, conventions, conferences and training seminars. I take pride in providing a stage for speakers and world-changers to share their message and ensure your event makes a lasting impact on our guests.

Creating events that inspire transformation and affect lasting impact on our world!

— Marlene Robinson, Founder of SheIsMarlene & MiiG Enterprises Presents

Successful Events Require Planning And Collaboration To Achieve Executional Excellence

Navigating Venue Contracts, Insurance Requirements and Site Regulations
I have reviewed and signed hundreds of venue contracts and always advocate in the best interests of my clients when negotiating the details.  Elements including Food & Beverage requirements, event insurance, room nights, guest lists, billing details, event charges, venue staff, bar management, and registration personnel can have a cost associated with it.  Knowing how to determine what is necessary vs. what is mandatory takes practice and experience.  With 7 years of venue management expertise ranging from owning an event center to contracting over 60 different venues for a single tour season of a national touring dance competition, my experience with venue contracts is extensive.

Key Elements To Successful Event Execution:

Me and my team can manage the event from ideation to thank you notes, and anything in between.  Comprehensive event management services include:

Galas & Fundraisers
Conferences & Conventions
Golf Tournaments & Special Events

Inspiring Events for Unforgettable Experiences

My approach to large-scale event coordination is rooted in my extensive experience with event production and corporate leadership, paired with the passion for igniting transformation in people and communities. By blending my project management and leadership skills, organizational efficiency and people empowerment tactics, I bring your event to life and make it a memorable and impactful occasion for everyone involved.

Ready to make your next event unforgettable? Let’s collaborate to create an exceptional event that aligns with your goals and leaves a lasting impression on your attendees. Feel free to reach out to discuss your event needs!

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